Reducing Patient Related Barriers With Pain Management Essay

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Reducing Patient-related barriers to pain management
Pain is one of the most common symptoms of cancer, and one of the most challenging subjects for health professionals including Radiation Therapists to address when treating patients. It is important to recognise that pain is ‘an intensely personal experience with biological, psychological and social components’, which is entirely subjective to the person who experiences it. Despite the development of “novel analgesics and updated pain guidelines”, recent studies emphasize that many cancer pains remain undermanaged. Inadequate pain management can be attributed to patient-related barriers to cancer pain management and it has been well documented by medical literatures over the last two decades. The purpose of this essay is to identify the common barriers to cancer pain management from the perspective of patients including cognitive, affective and sensory factors that interfere with effective pain management and to discuss strategies to overcome the barriers in a radiation therapy context.


The understanding of patient-related barriers can be explored by the multidimensional theory of pain by Melzack 1988 (1378paper), which states that cognitive, sensory and affective factors constitute the intensity of pain that patients perceive and report. The relationships between these factors within each category are intertwined and failure to address one area will hinder success in the overall pain management.…

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