Essay on Reducing Hunger And Ensuring Global Food Security

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Reducing hunger and ensuring global food security for both domestic and international civilians is an important issue every country’s leaders try to solve. Reducing hunger isn’t just about giving a meal to someone, it’s addressing the root cause of hunger, primarily poverty that keep people of all ages and ethnicities from getting adequate nutrition that lead to an active life. Reducing poverty will reduce hunger. Poverty is undeniably present in every country, in every culture and is caused by factors including war, natural disasters, unstable markets, and unemployment. People living in poverty cannot afford nutritious food for themselves and their families. This makes them weaker and less able to earn the money that would help them escape poverty and hunger. This is not just a day-to-day problem: when children are chronically malnourished, and face hunger acutely and chronically, it can affect their future income, condemning them to a life of poverty and hunger. There are 795 million undernourished people in the world today; that means one in nine people do not get enough food to be healthy (Hunger, 2015). Hunger and malnutrition are the number one heath concern worldwide. I take my ability for ready, fresh foods for granted on a daily basis and regrettably don’t think about those 795 million undernourished people often enough. Luckily we live in a nation who leads in addressing international hunger as well as providing humanitarian programs and policies that help to end…

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