Reducing Food Waste : An Effective Safety Net Essay example

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An Hankering for Food

Everyday nearly 795 million people go hungry, that is about one in nine people worldwide. Even though enough food is produced across the world to feed the estimated 7.4 billion population, people are still going to bed hungry. As the population of Earth reaches approximately 9 billion people by 2050 the question of feeding 9 billion arises. If 795 million people go malnourished everyday feeding 9 billion will be a tough task. One solution is Increased research into plants. By genetically modifying plants to not only grow in harsh drought stricken climates, but yield more, hunger can be dramatically decreased. Another solution are school meal programs. “Two Minutes to Learn about School Meals”, a document by the World Food Programme stated, “School meals are an effective safety net, helping to ensure every child has access to education, health and nutrition.” These aspects will help to provide a strong future for many poverty stricken students. Furthermore limiting food waste is yet another way to help combat world hunger. Instead of wasting adequate food, unused food can be spread to at-risk communities. In National Geographics article “How ¨Ugly”Fruits and Vegetables can help solve World Hunger” it is stated “Roughly a third of the world 's food goes to waste enough to feed 2 billion people. “ That is more than enough food to be able to feed the nearly 800 million hungry people around the globe. Ending world hunger is the responsibility of all…

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