Reduce Smoking Research Paper

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Raising Taxes to Reduce Cigarette Consumption
Hye Ree Yoon
The University of Kentucky

Smoking is a global disease risk factor. To reduce cigarette consumption, the federal government has increased the taxes on cigarette packs. This effective solution has provided evidence that tax increases on cigarette packs significantly reduce the consumption of cigarettes. Therefore, reducing the consumption and prevalence of cigarette smoking with cigarettes need to be incentivized by increasing taxes on them. Key Words: smoking, cigarette consumptions, and increased taxes on cigarettes

Raising Taxes to Reduce Cigarette Consumption Smoking is quite common internationally. People can easily find and purchase
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Increasing the price of cigarettes is a very effective policy tool for reducing smoking participation and consumption among youths and young adults. Also, increasing taxes also significantly contributes to pregnant women. According to Marr & Huang (2014), “Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of pregnancy complications, premature birth, low-birth weight infants, stillbirth, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)” (p. 2). Increasing price of cigarette packs encourage pregnancy women to consider quitting smoking. The higher cigarette excise taxes reduced smoking rates among pregnant women (Hawkins & Baum, 2014, p.1464). The pregnant women are the major groups who have a responsibility to take care and give a birth to their babies. Most of women should make a decision to quit smoking when they are pregnant, so the babies can be healthier and do not involved any diseases from smoking. Even though the smoking during pregnancy significantly affects to the babies, it was still the problems in our society that pregnant women were not able to quit smoking, so it kills the babies in the womb. However, the research has been indicated and demonstrated that there is a relationship between the outcome of babies and increased taxation on cigarette, and these findings have important public health implications (Hawkins & Baum, 2014, p. 1469). Since the birth of babies and increased taxes on cigarette are associated each other, the federal government should keep raising taxes on cigarette. Although they are not born yet, they are the still part of the lives and futures in the world. According to the reasons that demonstrated in increased taxes on cigarettes reduce the consumption and prevalence of cigarettes, I have found the inverse relationship between prices and consumptions, so there is a correlation between each other. If the raised cigarette

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