Redistricting Is Intertwined With Gerrymandering Essay examples

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“Gerrymandering is the drawing of congressional districts to produce a particular electoral outcome without regard to the shape of the district. Redistricting is intertwined with gerrymandering. Redistricting is the process of redrawing congressional districts to reflect increases or decreases in seats allotted to the states, as well as population shifts within a state.” (Karen O 'Connor, 2009,2011,2014)
I remember when I was in middle school there was another school named Radloff Middle that had recently been built. There was an announcement on the intercom saying that turn on your TV’s for the school news. Then they said that those who lived in Gwinnett County will be staying in Sweetwater, and the rest will be moving to Radloff Middle. I was relieved when I realized I did not have to move, however that soon changed. My best friend Sam lived near Radloff Middle instead of Sweetwater Middle, and told me that he was leaving next week. I was upset, and thought why would people be forced to leave their school to attend another? Was it because it was closer and convenient for the students, or was there another reason? As time went by I forgot about it until recently, I learned about gerrymandering. Then I found my answer.
The distance from Sweetwater and Radloff is only seven minutes away, yet people who lived closer to Radloff had to attend that school. I realized at that time that not only was the creation of the new school impacting the students, but that was also the time…

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