Compare And Contrast The Traditional Versions Of Little Red Riding Hood

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The fairy tale “Lil Red Riding Hood” By Ronald Blackwell is a modern version of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. Similarly to the traditional version, this modern fairy tale displays how men seek women. What really sets this modern version apart from the traditional version is the tone that this story is written in. This version of Little Red Riding Hood is written in a seductive tone and Blackwell has the wolf telling the story from his point of view. Unlike the traditional version where the story begins with Little Red Riding Hood's journey to her grandmother's house, this story focuses on the fact that Little Red Riding Hood is a young, attractive female, who is all alone in the woods. The style of this story gives off an eerie feeling …show more content…
In the traditional version, the wolf is scheming how he can find a way to eat both Red and her grandmother. However, in this version, the wolf focuses only on Red. The wolf points out certain features about Red’s appearance that he finds appealing. “What full lips you have”. (Blackwell 1) The features that the wolf talks about comes off as being inappropriate and a bit creepy. Typically if your someone with morals pointing out these features especially to a person who is a stranger isn't something that you would do. “What big eyes, you have the kind of eyes that drive wolves mad”. (Blackwell 1) Women are expected to be attractive and the features the wolf call attention to “big eyes” and “full lips” are common traits that men find attractive in a person they are interested in. (Blackwell 1) Since women are expected to be pretty good looks can attract the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people. “They are sure to lure someone bad”. (Blackwell 1) The wolf is trying to persuade Red that she should not be alone. He is trying to convince her that her good looks will cause trouble to come her way. Red’s appearance makes a predator or in this case, a wolf believes that she is easy prey, however, this goes for any attractive woman a predator will likely target her because of her …show more content…
The wolf knows that Red is not as naive as a child can be and if Red realizes that he is a wolf she would know he is bad news. For these reasons, the wolf pretends to be an innocent sheep, he chooses an animal that isn't seen as being dangerous. “I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on Until I'm sure that you've been shown That I can be trusted walking with you alone”. (Blackwell 1) The wolf keeps his disguise on because he has to get Red to trust him because he knows that she knows better to trust a wolf. Contrary to the traditional story where the naive child doesn't hesitate to trust the wolf right off the bat. The wolf tries to gain her trust before he shows her who he really is. Warrant/backing:
Ronald Backwell’s Story “Lil Red Riding Hood” is an example of how predators are always on the hunt looking for young and attractive women that can be influenced by one's words and to fall into their trap. The wolf comes off as a concerned friend who is looking out for Red. He uses empathy to try to convince her that he only wants to help her. Women are expected to be gullible and pretty this is why predators purposely them in hopes that they are foolish enough to believe in

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