Red Bull 's Marketing Strategy Essay

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Red Bull
Red Bull is an Austrian company that manufactures energy drinks, which are mostly used in times of increased performance. Founded by Dietrich Mateschitz in mid 1980s, the company’s energy drinks are sold in Austria and 167 other countries across the world. According to the company, Red Bull energy drinks are meant to improve alertness, concentration as well as reduce fatigue and tiredness. Red Bull’s marketing strategy is based on the brand’s slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings and ideas”. This tactic has been appealing to active youngsters and young consumers. As of 2015, more than 50 billion cans of Red Bull energy drinks have been consumed (Red Bull 1). While Red Bull Company has recorded significant success since it was founded, it faces several marketing issues including stiff competition from existing and emerging products, limited product development, lack of segmentation, inefficient product promotion strategies, and poor brand positioning.
Red Bull’s Marketing Strategy
Red Bull Company is dedicated to maintaining high industry standards and preserving its leadership position in the energy drinks industry by building on its brand and delivering exclusive customer service in a resourceful and cost-effective way. The company has always portrayed a strong brand image that is based on the slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings and ideas”. In addition, the company has increased its products from the original Red Bull Energy drink to newer products such as Red Bull…

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