Essay about Red Bull 's Influence On Social Media

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1. Red Bull, being the highest-selling energy drink in the world, truly knows how to give its customers a pair of wings. Though the company is actively present in the world through hosting sport events, using celebrity endorsements, owning music labels and major sport teams, it 's greatest competitive advantage lies in its social media marketing. It is through its online presence that Red Bull brings together creativity and engagement. With the highly integrated online society of modern-day, Red Bull 's presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is like no other. Likewise, the company takes a strategic stance on each of its social media accounts in an effort to incorporate its audience as much as possible. While increasing sales is typically a company 's main business objective, Red Bull is more focused on long-term orientation - that is, on building brand awareness, and with it brand loyalty. For such reason, its social media strategy follows more of a brand strategy through which the company can showcase its beliefs and values, as well as their true purpose in the world. With regards to Facebook where the company has over 42 million likes (Fleischmann, 2016), Red Bull focuses on providing its audience action-packed photos that typically portray people involved in certain sports that look like they are flying. On this social media website, Red Bull addresses its core values as a brand - that is, that they are not selling merely a product - but a…

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