Red Bull Social Media Analysis Essay

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MKT 444: Social Media Analysis
Client: Red Bull

Red Bull Social Media Inventory:
Facebook: (43,290,870 likes)
Twitter: (1,440,000 follower) (45,400,000 tweets)
Instagram: red bull (1,320,253 followers)

April 1st and April 15th

On Facebook between the 1st and 15th of April there was not a lot of activity. The first post was on the 5th, they posted a 1-minute clip ad for World Runtastic and they tagged it “Train for the Wings for Life World Run with Story Running by Runtastic” which is a cause to find a cure for spinal cord injury. It received 2,769 likes and 527 shares.
Again there was no post on the 15th so I chose to look at posts on the
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Redbulls twitter handle is more active than any of their other platforms. On April 1st they tweeted twice. The first one was to announce an event that was taking place that Sunday with the post “Make sure you tune in to Red Bull” #SkateGeneration Live this Sunday The second post was also to announce a new eSports tournament which was retweeted by red bull eSports with the hashtage #thisisESPORTS. On April 15th their twitter handle was very active with 14 tweet. The first one is a post about a recent event Coachella “Ready for @Coachella‬? Get in the #Knowchella‬ with our festival guide ‬. This post got 47 retweets and 113 likes. The next post included this image below from the DC red bull twitter handle.
The next post was the Peugot cars that was also posted on their Instagram handle. There was also a post with a picture of a very talented artist that you can see below. There was also a post on the paraglider in Sudan on twitter as well.

On the 15th the most popular post was the two Peugeot cars this got 557 retweets and 453 likes. There was also a post on Tara Geiger who is a motorcyclist, this was the next most popular post of the day.


Red Bull sold 5.2 billion cans of energy drink in 2012, making it the most popular energy drink on the planet. In 2012, Red Bull experienced a 108 percent increase in U.S. fan base growth on Facebook. Last year Red Bull grew its

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