Red Bull Over The Years Essay

752 Words Apr 5th, 2016 4 Pages
10. Red Bull over the years has created itself into the icon of the energy drink, and extreme sporting world. Their social media is often looked upon as being one of the best social media’s of any company and are known as one a select few that has done almost everything right to effectively influence consumers into sharing their advertisement and buying their products. With this said, there are still areas in which red bull can improve to further enhance their effectiveness through social media. Across their multiple mediums of advertising, there is a clear distinction of engagement and effectiveness. Within their social media accounts, Red Bull often posts videos and images of high intensity activities which engages their audience and creates content that their consumers what to share. They tend to push authentic and personal contact which in turn creates high impact marketing messages. This type of marketing is completely different to the types of advertisements they display in radio, tv and print. Red Bull commercials are generally; simple, hand drawn cartoons aimed towards Red Bull’s working-class customers that just need more energy in their day. These ads don 't necessarily engage their audience or create a want to interact with the advertisement. This means that depending on what source of advertisement you receive, it will give you two totally different messages. It isn 't uncommon for companies to change their ad campaigns to focus on different target markets…

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