Red Bull Case Study Essay

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1. How will you characterize Red Bull’s overall marketing strategy (global, glocal or local)?

Globalization is the deviation of businesses, philosophies, or technologies to propagate throughout the world, as well as the process of making this happen (SearchCIO, 2014). Glocalization is the idea that in a global market, when it is customized for the local or culture in where it is sold, a service or product is more likely to succeed (Rouse, 2013). Localization refers to the adaptation of a product, application or document content to meet the language, cultural and other needs of a specific target market (Ishida, W3C, Miller, Boeing, 2005). It is to believe that Red Bull is using globalization strategy in overall marketing strategy
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It’s to expected great crowd as Red Bull is a well known experts in energy drink in market. The energy shots can be another choice in the market wherever people needs a boost of energy other than the normal Red Bull.

Launch Red Bull Cola and Red Bull Energy Shots in many markets at the same time?

Launch Red Bull Cola and Red Bull Energy Shots in many markets at the same time was a wise decision is because Red Bull have considered about the impact of the product. This is known as shower approach where seeks for efficiency. The sprinkler strategy is introducing in all countries at the same time for new products (Stremersch, Tellis, 2003). Within a short time period the strategy were implemented in lots of target market. The sprinkler strategy generates first-mover advantage (UK Essay, 2014). If Red Bull introduced the drinks country by country, it will took times as well as people will felt the product is not new anymore. The impact will be high when launch at the same time where viral about the products may occur. Furthermore, this will prevent piracy issues where competitors might take advantage of it and take action to sells product or launch the same product at another market. However, cost is higher if launch these products all at once including branding, advertising for new product, awareness campaign and many more.

4. Should Red Bull counteract the new marketing initiatives to its US competitor, Monster? If yes, what should Red

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