Red Badge Of Courage And Soldier's Heart Comparison Essay

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Interested in the bloody, action-packed Civil War? Then read the books Soldier’s Heart by Gary Paulsen and Red Badge of Courage by Steven Crane.
The similarities between these two books are extremely uncanny. There are slight differences in the two books, though there are very few. These include the ages of the two soldiers, their origins, and minor differences in wounds. There is a heaping pile of similarities between the two novels that includes the war they fought in, all the way to both main characters seeing someone they care about die. Even though there are few differences between Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage, there are more similarities within the two novels that would make it hard not to believe that Soldier’s Heart was
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Both of the main characters in the novels fight in the same war and are even fighting on the same side! Charley and Henry are both extremely nervous before entering the Civil War. During the war, Charley and Henry both witness one of their fellow soldiers die. Also, while the war is going on, both Henry and Charley send letters back to their families back in their hometowns. Though they are writing to their families, they are still feeling quite lonely inside. Due to this, both main characters have a conversation with a soldier from the other side of the river while they were on lookout one night. By the end of the war, both Henry and Charley were battle crazy yet exhausted and glad the fighting was over. Eventually all the similarities between these two novels make the reader question if the author of Soldier’s Heart read the book Red Badge of Courage to find details and scenarios to include in Soldier’s Heart. Despite the minor differences in the two novels, Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage, there is a broader range of similarities that imply that it would be hard not to believe Soldier’s Heart was not plagiarized. There are differences in the novels, but none that changed the plots drastically. Also, there is an abundance of similarities that if taken out, the books would not be nearly as comparable. Overall, the books have so many similarities it is quite

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