Essay Recycling Techniques, Energy Efficient Appliances, And Cars

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With the improvements in recycling techniques, energy-efficient appliances, and cars it would be a selfish act to not get involved in this movement. Consumers are consistently trying to find new and improved ways to lessen the effects of pollution through automobiles, and the preservation of energy through more effect energy appliances. It is our responsibility as a society to improve our environment and eliminate as many harmful wastes as we can.
“Americans generate about 250 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW), or household trash, annually. This amount has nearly tripled since 1960, but the rate of growth has slowed in recent years” (Weeks par. 8). While some people do not agree with this, if more people don’t take part in living more efficiently our society will encounter global warming a lot sooner. Going green is as simple as purchasing more ecofriendly cars, reusing grocery bags, eliminating the use of plastic water bottles and taking advantage of a recycling bin with any wastes that are able to be reused.
Car manufactures are doing their best to create affordable cars that require little or no gas at all. This is a huge breakthrough in technology that will benefit both the environment and save individuals money on pricey gas. “Most cars still will be gasoline-powered but run on alternative fuels like methanol, ethanol and natural gas while many other cars will be battery operated” (Worsnop par. 1) . The government provides individuals who buy…

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