Recycling Should Be Made Mandatory Essay

1482 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
One can, once filled with pop, is now empty. He has dreams just like you. Its dream is to get recycled into a car frame, and tour the United States. Except there is one problem, you are thinking about throwing it away, hold on, just wait a minute and think about what that may cause. Many Consumers do not think about where their trash goes after the garbage truck picks it up and takes it away. Consumers also do not care where the plastic came from that made that bottle, or where the aluminum came from that made that can. All consumers care about is buying the stuff they want from the store, with no thought as to how it got there. Consumers want, want, want, but do not think about the future. Without recycling eventually things will run out, and that is when consumers will finally care about where things come from. Fear not, it is not too late, there is still time to change our bad habits. Recycling should be made mandatory because it will reduce the amount of waste America sends to landfills, conserver natural resources, and it saves energy. The amount of waste that America sends to landfills is shocking, an article in Green Tech Media by Stephen Lacey stated that America sends over 220 million tons of waste each year, of that 69% of it gets sent to landfills, 24% gets recycled, and the other 7% is used for energy. I know that recycling 24% of our waste may not seem bad, but were still sending 69% of our waste to landfills. According to Stephen Lacey, other countries like…

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