Recycling Programs Should Be Banned Essay

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In the US, where recycling makes people want to clean their cities, states, and country. Other people think that recycling should not be established because it takes too much effort. America would become better if recycling is mandatory. The argument about this topic would be that recycling programs should be mandatory in the US because it will remove trash from landfills, it is successful for cities to be kept clean, and it would help save energy on making new materials. Many recycling programs keep trash out of landfills. In Fort Hood, Texas where a US Army is helping by making more recycling programs, minimizing the waste in the landfills to zero and achieving this by 2020. The Net Zero Waste program is part of Fort Hood, which will reduce the amount of waste and has been over the past years by reducing 20 percent of the waste that enters the landfills [Fort Hood’s Recycling Program (FHRP)]. Fort Hood tries to recycle anything that other person never thought of recycling before. In 2012 Fort Hood became more available for separating recycling waste the people used as materials. Since 2012, every month about 800 tons of waste has been received in the center and only 80-90 percent has been recycled and sale to other marketplaces and has been processing 7,260 tons of waste, making $1.314 million (FHRP). Some materials can be recycled for example, kitchen and garden waste, paper, cardboard, metal, wood, glass, oil and plastic (Woodford). Using kitchen and garden waste can be…

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