Recycling Is A Good For The Environment Essay

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Recycling is one way to reduce the waste taken to landfills. Recycling is also the process we use to reuse recovered items. In my household, we recycle aluminum cans, glass, newspapers, plastic bottles, and magazines because I care about the environment. Recycling is good for the environment because it conserves our natural resources, it saves energy, and it reduces pollution. The problem is that we need to convince the community to recycle more than they are doing. We need to convince the City of Auburn to teach the community to recycle more. One way Auburn can help its citizens is by adding more recycling bins throughout the community and also provide more than one location to drop off recyclable materials.
Natural resources, which occur within nature in their actual shape, are preserved by recycling. Examples of natural resources are spring water, organic soil, air, coal, and gas (Conserve). These resources are used in our daily lives as well as the enjoyment we get from the sun, wind, and rain (Conserve). First, spring water is not like river water or rainwater because it comes from a spring and is mainly used in bottled water. Second, organic soil does not have any man made chemicals and consists of a large portion of organic material (Garden). Next, air is crucial for the survival of life and is important for the survival of living things. Coal is a natural resource that is one of the main causes of air pollution in the world; however, using gas is a…

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