Recycling Food And Waste Food Essay examples

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Recycling Food
“Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry” (Francis). It’s wrong, right? Exactly, so why would someone waste food. Perhaps people don’t realize how much food they throw out is added up, about one-third of all food produced worldwide, gets lost or wasted in food production and waste systems. When this figure is converted to calories, this means that about 1 in 4 calories intended for consumption is never actually eaten. In a world full of hunger, unstable food prices , and social rebellion, these statistics are more than just shocking: they are environmentally, morally and economically ridiculous. Recycling food has so many benefits. It is better for everyone, if kids don 't eat all their food it should be recycled. There is a lot of wasted food that can be recycled to farms, composted, and that in the end will help save the environment and by using less packaging can save money.

Food has been used for demonstration of power and prosperity at all times. Different prevention methods were created to reduce waste, after the 20th century the consumption attitudes (“fresh is beautiful”) started to surface. The example of a clean plate has influenced many over the years, but America has always been afraid of the fact that it will catch up them what they throw out. Food waste is one of the least recovered materials in the city’s solid waste stream and is one of the most important materials to divert from landfills.

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