Essay on Recycling Feasibility Study

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Date: February 25, 2012

To: Alicia Pena, Chief Financial Officer

From: Carolyn Haynes

Subject: Recycling Feasibility Report for the Greening Corporation

Starting a Companywide Recycling Program

This is a feasibility report specifically complied for The Greening Corporation. John James, President of the Greening Corporation wants to start a recycling program. This report will assist, Alicia Pena, their Chief Financial Officer by providing research and recommendations for starting a recycling program. Our team has done research on several waste management companies, interviewed an expert and studied how other companies started their recycling programs. We had an opportunity to tour a recycling facility and the tour
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Finding a reliable waste management company in any area can easily be found and they all take pride in being a part an endeavor that is helping to improve the environment.


The Authority handles recycling from small companies only. Mr. Napoleon explained “the determining factor was by tonnage only” to determine what small company was eligible. The “small company” program is a flat fee of $150.00 monthly but, the usage of that company is strictly monitored and if it begins to exceed a certain tonnage, the company is then informed by the MCIA they no longer qualify and must seek a program through a large recycling company such as: Waste Management or Central Jersey Waste and Recycling.

The Authority sponsors three Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Waste Events yearly at a local training school in a nearby township”. More than 2,900 residents and small companies participate in this program. Residents bring used motor oil, aerosol cans, antifreeze, paint, flammables and other household chemical waste for proper disposal. Two additional Electronic Waste (only) events are provided where Mercer County residents may bring used electronics, including computers, televisions, and printers. These products are collected and sent to an outside recycling facility where it is separated for proper recycling, such as melt downs of plastics to be sold to companies for processing into

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