How Recycling Solve Climate Change Issues

As strange as some climate change solutions are, even recycling can save humanity from extinction. Though recycling seems like a common activity among many, the current level of recycling on Earth is not an adequate when considering the true needs of the planet. Because greenhouse gasses and emissions rapidly warm the planet, reclaiming most of the recyclable materials across the globe could lower emissions and slow down or bring climate change to a stage of revitalization. According to scientists and specialists, “creating goods out of virgin materials” requires far more energy than simply recycling and reusing the materials that are already present ("Why Recycling Helps Solve Climate Change Issues"). By recycling as much as possible, less …show more content…
Just because the issue of global warming is a tremendous concern does not mean that the individual cannot work toward a greater good for sake of future environmental and human existence. The individual can easily aid in the transition “from fossil fuels” into the common use of “renewable energy” to ultimately fulfill unique “power needs” (“Individual Action”). Nearly and every person on the planet can do their part by making small changes anywhere from using alternative transportation, utilizing fluorescent lights, becoming water efficient, or even insulating living spaces. Taking action as an individual is estimated to be the easiest of climate change solutions and one of the most impactful. By reducing the levels of energy that individuals require, masses would essentially reduce their “carbon footprint” (“Individual Action”). Leaving Earth in a better state than people of the new generation were born into is a necessity if progress against global warming should continue. Everyone can do their part by using less energy and subsequently reducing the carbon emissions that raise the planets temperature. The sacrifices that individuals make, within the years to come, will determine the fate of humanity and the blue planet in which mankind inhabits. The greater steps man takes toward energy efficient and environmental friendly efforts, the faster Earth will repair its climate. If humans do not individually act against climate change, the self-destructive climactic risk may worsen and cause greater threats toward

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