Recycling And The Environment

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As strange as some climate change solutions are, even recycling can save humanity from extinction. Though recycling seems like a common activity among many, the current level of recycling on Earth is not an adequate when considering the true needs of the planet. Because greenhouse gasses and emissions rapidly warm the planet, reclaiming most of the recyclable materials across the globe could lower emissions and slow down or bring climate change to a stage of revitalization. According to scientists and specialists, “creating goods out of virgin materials” requires far more energy than simply recycling and reusing the materials that are already present ("Why Recycling Helps Solve Climate Change Issues"). By recycling as much as possible, less energy would be used and there would be a substantial drop in emissions. …show more content…
In further detail, “EPA” calculates that about “75% of the American waste stream is recyclable,” yet only roughly “30%” is actually recycled (“Eleven Facts About Recycling”). If humankind puts enough effort into recycling and reusing to the fullest, the public could achieve a self-sustaining lifestyle that is both friendly to themselves and the environment. This solution seems to be the most beneficial and infallible; it is only a matter of applying the technique and making slight lifestyle changes. Powerful organizations like EPA and countless scientists around the globe describe just how beneficial the recycling of materials is to saving the all life on the planet. EPA clearly outlines the high importance that recycling holds in its SMM (Sustainable Materials Management) fact sheet, yet great improvements can still be

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