Recycling And Recycling : Which Is More Of A Waste? Essay

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Using Landfills vs. Recycling: Which Is More of a Waste? The method of using landfills to dispose of waste has been used for many centuries. The trend of recycling has been a growing alternative process in the past few decades. With the average person generating more than 4.3 pounds of waste each day, it is important for people to understand which method will serve as a viable procedure for a more sustainable world (Center for Sustainability & Commerce ). Yet, these two methods are known to have positive and negatives aspects. The significance of these waste disposal techniques along with their impacts are argued and discussed throughout this paper.
Significance of Waste Disposal in Sustainability Efforts Waste disposable techniques are important for sustainability efforts primarily because without a proper disposable method, much of this waste can end up having adverse impacts on the world around us. One example is water contamination. If waste fills water sources, ecosystems in the water, wildlife, and humans who consume this water can become sick or die. Another example is soil contamination. If waste is in the soil of vegetation, chemicals will taint the root of the plant and damage the health of animals or humans who consume it. Improper waste management techniques can create air pollution. Methods that include burning or chemically changing the waste can go into the air and release hazardous chemicals that would cause health concerns if inhaled. Also if…

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