Recruitment Plan Essay example

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Recruitment Plan
Susan Martinez
Human Resource Management 565
H. Glyn Jordan
March 26, 2007

Executive Summary HR personnel in the aerospace and defense industry are faced with a higher demand for aerospace and defense employees that can adequately be met with existing resources, which creates human capital issues related to the strategic goals of his or her organization. A sound recruitment and retention plan can mitigate the issues and challenges that might have negative implications to the organization. A division (sectors) of the aerospace and defense industry provides the HRM with insight to the number of who, what, and where human capital is required. According to the Aerospace and Defense Industry survey results
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Dynamics of HR Operations The how, what, when, where, and why of human capital in an organization, as well as the methods used by the HR personnel address each might be considered the dynamics of the HR operation. The identification and development of leadership talent is one process for an organization reach and sustain positive governance. HR plays an active role to ensure that an organization operates with a stable, productive workforce by establishing and using leading practices in the acquisition, development, and retention of top people. HR personnel are proactive in the optimization of a company's intellectual capital and developing empowered employees' talent with the use of high impact learning, and knowledge management programs.
Recruitment Planning Processes The goals behind developing a recruitment planning process is to identify and attract the best qualified applicants for the position, and to support affirmative action efforts by targeting underrepresented groups. The HR representative has an obligation to make sure that the position responsibilities match the needs of the job being requested, the appropriate knowledge, skills, and behavioral competencies have been determined, and all upper level management approvals have been obtained. The HR personnel should target his or her recruitment efforts with respect to the type and level of the

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