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Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals and encouraging them to apply for a job. As well as, finding and hiring the best qualified for the enlisted job offer. This should be done in an organized, timely and cost-efficient manner. The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees for that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee in the business.
Recruitment in any business is a very important factor. The recruitment process starts with the employee requisition. This is the document that specifies the job title, job description, start date, working hours, and pay rate. Employee recruitment is done through
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This is known to be the number one way workers find a job. Referred candidates have better odds of getting hired, about two-thirds of the time. Also, if the person who is recommending you is in a higher position in the corporate ladder, the better chances you have. Internal recruitment saves time and money, this is because employees that are already employed in the firm are less likely to demand a high rise. Hiring internally can as well reduce training time. For instance, an employee that works for the employer doesn 't need to take an orientation course. Moreover, that person might not have to be trained on the material, due to already being familiar with it. An employer averagely spends over one thousand dollars a year on training an employee per new employee. This would result in high-cost spending if you need to hire many new employees. Furthermore, the cost of time spent by a manager and experienced coworkers in teaching and demonstrating would be reduced. Improving productivity is another good reason an employee should hire internally. Reasons being that employees hired internally are more motivated, the employee has previous …show more content…
If you do not hire the correct people for the job, your company won’t flourish to its highest potential. There are many different ways an employer can hire and it’s for that reason that this process should not be taken lightly. If I were to choose a method or source of hiring that is cost efficient, I would pick social media. Social media marketing has been a huge success for some major businesses. The United Postal Service (UPS) has been advertising through Facebook and Twitter. The Home Depot has been using Facebook and has focused on applicants questions and responding quickly to them. Some might not know but Disney has been making its mark through Twitter and appealing to applicants desires. The Marriot has its own unique way of hiring and that is using Facebook and employees to spark up and personalize conversations with contenders. “The smartest business decision you can make it to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently” (Tracy). The way I see it is that recruitment is one major part of the foundation of a successful

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