Recruitment And Success Of A Business Essay

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Employees are crucial to the survival and success of a business, which is why it is important for managers to recruit employees who strive to make the business advance in the current market. When recruiting employees the first thing to do is set up a job description, so the people that apply for the job know the details and skills they need to accomplish the it. (‘Recruiting and Hiring Top-Quality Employees’) If a business is looking for someone with at least a bachelor’s degree, it would be a waste of time for a person with only a high school diploma to fill out an application. You also don’t want someone over qualified to apply for the job because you’re wasting their time along with the company’s time. Once you have a detailed job description, it is time to advertise the job for candidates to apply. There are a few ways to advertise the job opening. One way is social media, using social networking sites such as Facebook or Linked In. These are great ways to inform possible employees about the job opening, but there are a few risks. “Candidates have sued companies because they believe they were rejected for a job based on content posted on their online profile.” (‘Recruiting Basics’). This is why it is important to have a legal department to provide information on possible issues involving social media applications. (‘Recruiting Basics’). But, using social media to recruit employees is a great way to learn about the person that you may hire. Other options to spread the…

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