Recruitment And Selection Process For A Sustainable Workforce

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1. Introduction
These procedures provide an overview of the recruitment and selection process and cover the following four (4) key elements:
• Preparing to Recruit;
• Advertising;
• Selection; and
• Appointment.
It is vital to select high quality candidates, as poor selection decisions can impact financially, on productivity and/or on team performance and morale.
At the end of each stage of these procedures there are notes that expand on the process.It is important that this information is accessed, as other policies may further inform or impact the recruitment and selection process.
2. Preparing to Recruit
Determining Workforce Needs
When preparing to recruit, the Hiring Manager determines how a position fits with their:
• workforce profile and/or plan;
• strategic, organizational unit, and/or operational plans; and
• key organizational strategic priorities to meet the Inspire9 's workforce vision for a sustainable workforce with the capacity and capability to deliver organizational objectives and achieve strategic goals, through the attraction and recruitment of a high quality workforce.
Position Description
When preparing to fill an existing vacancy, the Hiring Manager shall undertake Job Analysis by reviewing the existing position description to determine if any changes are required.
When a new position is required, the Hiring Manager shall design the new job (known as Job Design) and document the position requirements in the position description. Job Design determines…

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