Recruitment And Recruitment Strategy

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Those of us from the Generation X and Y remember printing tons of resumes on a particular paper stock using a specific font and one of three widely acknowledged formats. We attend career fairs, networking events, used employment agencies, phoned head hunters, emailed human resources or knew someone that knew someone. Today the number of online job search engines have increased and interviews are done virtually. Much has changed in today’s workforce. Therefore, any recruitment and retention strategy implemented should include an array of elements that will enable your company to locate and keep the ideal future employees.
In his article, “8 ways to make sure your recruiting strategy hits its target”, author Sean Little shares eight tips to enhance
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The topics include employee morale, company leadership, rewards and recognition and workplace environment. Two consistent areas of challenge are the rewards and recognition and leadership topics. “Only half (51%) of employees agreed with the statement, ‘My organization has the correct total rewards strategy in place to recruit and retain the talent we need in our workforce” (Mrkvicka, 2013, p.25). Based on these surveys, companies like my employer are making changes to insure reward programs compliment employee interests. These changes include several aspects of the overall strategy I previous outlined. Creative recruitment, thinking outside the box, using a multi-facet approach, enhanced and improved onboarding process, open communication and redesigned rewards programs. Moreover, these surveys can provide the required feedback to measure the effectiveness of said strategy. Over the past two years, my employer has purposely changed the workplace environments of several of its locations based on both employee and customer feedback. They redesigned branches, increased virtual office capabilities, and created collaborative work environments. In doing so, this reinforces its commitment to its corporate social responsibility initiatives as well as attempt to close the gaps within age-diversified

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