Recruitment And Business Unit 13 P1

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Register to read the introduction… This will all depend on the scale of the business and location. If the BBC was recruiting for a presenter then they may recruit nationally. There are also lots of different methods of recruitment such as, letters, on-line or over the telephone. * Sending a letter is the traditional method of application. A letter is requested to be sent in with either an application form or your CV. * On-line recruitment is becoming more and more popular way to recruit. There is two ways online to recruit, one is via email. Using email is very much like sending a letter it’s just a quicker approach. The other is by completing online applications and once the application has been completed they will get sent straight to the employer and stored on an online data basis. * Employers are also increasingly using the telephone to help with applications. This means that applicants telephone a recruitment number and are often screened by answering a series of questions, if they are good they continue with the …show more content…
Once the job has been advertised a deadline for applications will be stated. After the deadline arrives they will begin to shortlist the applications to find successful candidates. When they are chosen they will be invited to an interview where the applicant will need to bring proof of identity and original certificates of qualifications in line with safeguarding requirements. If a successful candidate is chosen they will be telephone within 24hours after their interview, when certain checks have to been completed an appointment will be confirmed and a contract will be issued.
I candidate and apply through ringing Kendal College after seeing the advertisement online or in a Newspaper. They will then be asked to fill in an application which will then be sent or handed in to a specific place, most likely the college. If candidate is successful they will be contacted for an interview.
The strengths and weakness of Kendal College’s online recruitment

Strength | Weaknesses | * Easy to find * States the jobs available * Gives a number to contact * Offers a job information pack * Job application can be printed off | * No process to fill application * A little confusing

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