Recreational Trips With Best Buddies Essay

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Recreational Trips with Best Buddies

Each year, a program called Best Buddies recruit a group of students to volunteer in their program. These are people who want to make a friend with someone who has an intellectual disability and want to contribute to the community, promoting a sense of belonging. Throughout high school, I became a part of the Best Buddies group and I am happy I did! Although the school had thorough accessibility for its students, it was interesting to me to see how inclusion was assimilated in outside businesses. The opportunity came to go on a recreational field trip to the movie theatre. On this trip, I remember thinking specifically of how everything, from the transportation to the theater rooms, integrated alternative methods for accessibility.

Factors for Consideration

Reflecting on the organization of the trip, our program leader would have had to consider many factors. Barriers of our group included: attitudinal, communication, physical, programmatic, and transportation barriers. Through observation of exclusion, choosing the right fit for this particular group’s needs is imperative. The theater was an appropriate choice for the goals of the participants as well as accessibility required fit the location.

The Barrier Effect
Even with detailed planning, there were still barriers we faced. Chronologically, the first barrier we encountered was transportation. We had supplied our own transportation to the theater and back, which meant 3…

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