Recovery From Mental Illness? Essay

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Recovery from Mental Illness “Once our minds are ‘tattooed’ with negative thinking, our chances of long-term success diminish” (Maxwell). This quote is very fitting, as there are many variables affect the recovery of people whom have a mental illness. Some of these variables are stigmas that will affect a person’s recovery, as well as family and social support networks, which are also a social justice concern. In addition, illness insight is found to be an important step towards a person’s recovery from a mental illness (Korsbek, 2013). Before moving onto the above topics, let us look at how literature defines the concept of recovery in mental illness.
The Concept of Recovery from Mental Illness
The concept of recovery from mental illness is defined in a variety of ways in the literature chosen for this part of the paper. Some concepts of recovery from mental are a person’s change in his or her beliefs, feelings, and attitudes regarding his or her spirituality, symptoms, and future insight of the mental illness (Schiff, 2004). As an example, the person could become more spiritual (becoming more aware of yourself in body, mind and spirit) than he or she once was, or even discusses how they are feeling with his or her nurse. Recovery from a mental illness is a lifelong process, as the person will deal with the symptoms of their illness (such as feeling down, anxious, changes in sleep and eating patterns) until they pass away, but the person will live with the fullest…

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