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Recount The movie recount is a very good representation of what happened during the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. It dives into the legal battle between the two campaigns as the recount of Florida’s votes kept the nation waiting for over a month. Although the movie shows both sides of the story, I believe the Democrats supported the making of this movie. During the movie they made it seem like the Democrats were being treated unfairly but really the government was just following the rules. Today it is still a controversial topic, I believe the government handled it the right way and that if it was to happen again, the same outcome would happen. At the end of the movie they have two quotes, one by Democrat Warren …show more content…
If the recount results in a vote margin that is less than or equal to 0.25%, a hand recount is called for. However, the hand recount is only for those ballots containing under votes or over votes, and is mandated only if the collective total of under votes and over votes is enough to alter the result of the election.
As many people know Florida is usually a Republican state. During the 2000 election George W. Bush’s brother, Jeb Bush, was the Governor of Florida during the time and many people believed this helped him win. During the movie it seemed as if the Republicans in charge were trying to end the recount as fast as possible. Many people may look at this as cheating because the Governor was a Republican, but the truth is they wanted it to end because the Democrats were only asking Democrat sections of Florida to recount and they did not want to lose the Presidency because of a recount. I think that the Republican control of Florida didn’t affect the recount at all and that they handled it the same way a Democrat party would have if roles were reversed.
Voter discrimination was and still is a very big deal in Florida. During the 2000 election in Florida wide-ranging errors and unequal resources in the election process denied countless Floridians the right to vote. The majority of these Florida voters fell most harshly on the shoulders of African Americans. The movie showed that if you had the name similar to a felon it would not let you vote as well. This was very

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