Record Nostalgic Record Essay example

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Record Nostalgic Record
BIS 220
TRUE, 2011

Record Nostalgic Record
Table of Contents I. Opening Letter II. Types of Information Systems III. Diagram of a Transaction System IV. Closing Remarks

Jay Record Master,
We have talked about opening up a nostalgic record store for a long time because the two of us have always been into records and collecting them. You have become a connoisseur and an expert with nostalgic records and your knowledge amazes me every day. Having stated that, I know that you do not have very much experience with how a business needs to operate and especially an understanding of the information systems that aid the business operation from making mistakes, quality control
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There is a possibility of errors to occur if correct data is not loaded into the system properly. There will need to be some monitoring on our part to make sure everything is being correctly inputted. In the functional area IS there is also ways to manage the budget piece of the operation. This includes financial forecasting, budgeting, able to manage financial transactions, as well as have control and auditing measures. All of this information will be used to help make better more informed decisions within the scope of our nostalgic record store. 2. Transaction Processing Systems (TSPs) are used to process transaction data from every sale. We would utilize a point-of-sale terminal at the checkout that will be linked to the database of records to keep our record of records up to date as well as the customer’s data. This system will monitor, collect, store and process data generated from every sale. Errors must be avoided and is critical, because data from the TPSs are input into the database and must be correct. This will also help to maintain privacy and security.

3. Office Automation Systems are used to support the day to day work activities. An example that I know you know how to use, since it was used a lot during our college years, is Microsoft Office. There are so many great uses that we can incorporate into the operation of

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