Essay about Reconstruction : Rebuilding A Lost World

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Rebuilding a Lost World
Old Iroquois legends say blood and scars of peoples ancestors can run through generations before they are healed. Americans forget they are standing on the heritage of millions of Native Americans that lived there for thousands of years. The Native American peoples have a very rich culture and are mistakenly believed to be “all one type.” Calling all Native Americans the same is similar to calling the people of Europe identical just because they are all vaguely similar. Hundreds of years of racism, genocide, and discrimination, has caused Native Americans have to live on reservations with extreme poverty, low education levels, and high crime rates. The Native Americans were the first people to inhabit the Americas. They crossed the Bering land bridge from Siberia many thousands of years ago during the last Ice Age. Scientists now place humans in the Americas 15,000, 20,000, or even 30,000 years ago (Parfit 44). Some analysts say certain North American tools share characteristics like thinness and flaking style with tools from Europe. In Siberia however, people flaked tools differently and left them thicker (46). So it is interiorly possible that some Natives could be very distant relatives to Ancient Europeans. Were ever they came from, the Native Americans spread all throughout the northern and southern parts of the continent. Some believe all the Native Americans were the same, this is not the case. According to Brandenburg, all of the Native…

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