Reconstruction Of Reconstruction For African Americans Essay

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Reconstruction Reconstruction was a time that defined what African Americans were to society and how they were accepted in the United States. Many reforms and amendments caused a difference in the lives of African Americans for freedom and equality. The road to equality was difficult and many did not support what the government was trying to do. In my aftermath of reconstruction African Americans still did not have full equality. In the beginning of Reconstruction of the south there were events that transpired that caused the federal government to redefine African Americans in society. The first event was caused by the slaves being proclaimed free. Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 originally freed the slaves but their citizenship was still unresolved. A problem then emerged with the freed slaves as many attempted to leave the plantations and were returned with a beating by whites. An example of this is when a man named Henrey Adams was attempting to leave his plantation as to see if his freedom was true. In turn he was met by white men who continuously beat him. This showed the government that there had to be a type of enforcement for the freedom of African Americans, as it appeared Whites were not accepting the proclamation. The government in response created the Thirteenth Amendment. This amendment declared slavery abolished everywhere in the United States. Another event that emerged was the problem that many southern places still wanted African…

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