Reconstruction In Reconstruction

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When the Civil War was finally over in the spring of 1865, political leaders wrestled with how to help former slaves make the transition from bondage to citizenship. It means the reconstruction should enable freed slaves to control their labor, reunite with their family members, gain education for their children, enjoy full participation in political life, and create their own community organizations and social life. The Radical Republicans followed southern society model by granting freed slaves full citizenship rights. They hoped to replace the white by small farmers together with wage-earning and new generation of middle-class Republicans with both black and white (Shi & Tindall, 2016, p.583). The Freedmen’s Bureau founded in 1865 in the purpose of helping freedmen, their wives and their children with their point of view is all freed slaves should be free to choose …show more content…
They used terror, intimidation, and violence to prevent the black from gaining social and economic equality. In particular, they did not support land redistribution to the black. They claimed that the former slaves were lazy and not enough intelligence to manage their own land in order to restore system of forced labor for the blacks (Shi & Tindall, 2016, p.585). Under President Andrew Johnson period, the transfers of white owned property to the former slaves was postponed. Instead, the labor system called sharecropping is replaced. Although that system helped them free from supervision by white landowners, they were easily deep in debt to landowners over the years and returned to slavery system (Shi & Tindall, 2016, p.597). Regarding to political life, they Southern whites complained that the freed slaves were illiterate and had no civic experience to participate in political issues although large number of African Americans clothed with official authority in day to day tasks like anyone else in urban area (Fitzgerald, 2007,

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