Reconstruction Era During The Civil War Essay

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The Reconstruction Era took place after the Civil War from the years 1865- 1877. The Reconstruction Era brought on new challenges, questions, and the rebuilding of the South by the North. The purpose main purpose of Reconstruction was to put back the pieces back together after the civil war and unify the North and South. The reconstruction Era consisted of factors like black codes, Presidential Reconstruction, Radical Reconstruction, and Congressional Reconstruction. There were some problems that arose during the Reconstruction Era. These problems included economic issues, loss of slaves in the South, the destruction of property, debt, and large numbers of lost population for both the North and South. Political views became more relevant at this time as well at this time. The South consisted mainly of Democrats, and the North Consisted mainly of Republicans. This played a major part since the Republican party was gaining control of the government at a faster rate than before, therefore gaining tight control in the south. One of the first approaches taken during the Reconstruction Era was Lincoln’s Plan, which included the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. The first part of this proclamation was the ten percent loyalty oath. When a minimum of ten percent of the qualified voters took a loyalty oath to the Union they could then organize a state government. The next part of Lincoln’s proclamation was, that the new constitution for the new state government had to…

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