Reconstruction Era And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Since the birth of our nation, African Americans have undergone significant changes from slavery, the Reconstruction era and eventually the civil rights movement. These battles have been fought by prominent leaders both black and white. Some examples of early African American struggles include vicious crimes from southern whites that resulted in nearly zero prosecutions, voting rights controlled by violence and intimidation and sharecropping which kept them in debt. Certain laws were ignored and some were enacted to keep African Americans in a servitude role. These obstacles seemed impossible to overcome yet were fought by a courageous group and rallied an oppressed group together to fight for not only their civil rights but equality as human beings. Reconstruction was a violent, ignorant time in our nation that was controlled by the dominant political leaders not willing to accept the changes that our country desperately needed. On December 18, 1965 the U.S government passed the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery, indentured servitude, and gave congress the power to enforce the new established law. This marked the beginning of the Reconstruction era (1865-1877) which was filled with violence and turmoil throughout the south. Churches, schools and other institutions that lacked the proper funding were being established, and government aiding programs helped African Americans strive for their place in society. Although legally free, the white southerners were…

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