Reconstruction After The Civil War Essay example

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Reconstruction after the Civil War was not successful. The purpose of Reconstruction was to address the serious problem of race in the South and provided protection to the freeman. Reconstruction had brought important social changes such as providing a public education system and a limited amount of political and legal power (Brinkley, 2012, p. 429). However these political and legal power where only held temporarily. New laws, such as the Mississippi Black Codes, promoted racial segregation and enforced a new labor system— specifically targeting freedmen, blacks, and mulattos—that was far worse than slavery was prior to the Civil War (Sage), (Blackmon).
After the war, the Southern economy took a turn for the worst. Many cotton fields were burned, cotton gins and other necessary farming equipment were destroyed, and the primary labor force, slaves, was gone (Blackmon). The importance of slave labor was second to none, in the major cotton producing states nearly half of all capital and investment was in human marketing (Blackmon). The emancipation of slavery was strongly distain by both wealthy and poor Whites in the South. Wealthy Whites lost their free labor and poor whites now faced a new competition in the labor force. Much like the immigrant workers in the North, African American’s were willing to work long hours and at cheaper wages in order to support their new found freedom (Blackmon).
As a result, the Southern government systems allocated new laws in order to…

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