Reconstruction After The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War was one that separated our country and shaped its future. The healing process afterwards was not easy, and provided the leaders of the United States with difficult tasks and challenges ahead. Reconstruction after the Civil War was meant to help put our country back together, but it ended up being a disappointing failure. As the Civil War came to a close, multiple questions had to be asked. How would the Confederacy be allowed back and with what punishments? Would black men have full equality? Would Congress or the president establish the new laws? These questions would have to be answered over the next decade. Before the war was even over, President Lincoln was planning for Reconstruction (Reconstruction OL). He had declared a lenient plan during the war, known as the Ten-Percent Plan, which gave pardon to Confederates who pledged loyalty rights to the U.S. and allowed states to rejoin the Union when 10% of voters took the oath. The states who did so would now be able to establish their state government (Foner and Mahoney OL). Lincoln also pronounced the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 during wartime, and although abolishing slavery was not the original goal of the Lincoln administration, with the thousands of slaves abandoning plantations, emancipation was decided necessary. This proclamation also allowed for slaves to enlist in the Union army (Foner and Mahoney OL). After Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson became president. He was a Democrat who…

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