Reconstruction After The Civil War Essay example

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Coleton Clifft
History Since 1876
Sarah Wilkerson
Reconstruction after the Civil War was definitely not the prettiest fix! The indications of significant differences in the lives of colored people were the different rules passed towards them and some of the freedoms they were given. The indications that little had changed were the way the colored people were still treated and how they still constantly struggled. Slavery was an insanely tough process for any slave. In the novel, “Civil War Veteran of Portsmouth, Virginia” the man Albert Jones, being the ninety-six year old man he is, told his story of himself when he was a slave. His master would not let him read the Bible or praise God unless he wanted a whipping. He was born into it, so he was the house boy for twenty years of his childhood. After the war, when he was twenty-one, him and one of his brothers ran away to fight with the Yankees. He mentioned that the Yankees provided them food. They met a lot of other former slaves that ran away and joined the North after the war. It was also psychologically difficult for them. In the novel, “Psychology of a Runaway Slave” a slave by the name of Old “Uncle” Louis was the oldest one that his master owned. He was what people called a “Guinea nigger” meaning he was from the Guinea coast of Africa, brought by his ancestors. He had no family, so he was psychologically down in the dumps, if you will, to start. Often, he would run away in the summer because he…

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