Recommendations For Positioning Carbon 's New 3 D Printing Machine

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Recommendations for positioning Carbon’s new 3-D printing machine M1
As one of the first company to develop a 3-D printer to produce a commercially viable product is at a strategic advantage, if Carbon successfully creates a brand position, it can preempt competition in that segment by identifying and fulfilling printing needs of the target audience.
The reading ‘Brand positioning’ advises that, the process of formulating brand’s positioning starts with developing a compelling positioning statement. The article mentions that, Carbon has decided its target market segment as major Health care and Automobile companies. This business to business positioning strategy is valid due to the nature of the product, one of a kind 3-D printing innovation will offer Carbon a bargaining power and high value to its customers in this scenario. The next component to consider is what value Carbon wishes to offer as a brand. Carbon printers have two important benefits over other printers is i) makes printing possible at a 4 times faster rate and ii) parts produced are stiffer, tougher, or heat-resistant as compared to rival products. This product offers consumer businesses reliable and better fit for their functional needs. Sample positioning statement - “For manufacturing and healthcare businesses, Carbon’s M1 is the only machine among all 3-D printers that produces heat-resistant parts at 4 times faster rate by employing its innovative technology to shape polymer.”
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