Recommendation For Policy Action On Sexual Violence Essay

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Recommendation for policy action on sexual violence towards women in England and Wales.

The notion of sexual violence towards women is a normalized dynamic with treatment that is based on women reporting the act and the criminal justice system doing its part, however, this completely erases the idea of sexual violence victims having further trauma with the invasive investigating proceedings. Sexual violence is seen as an individualized crime, with the survivor’s body being the main evidence in the crime at hand, thus the criminal justice system positions the bodies as if they are materials. This neglecting of the survivors, and placing importance on the violated body makes it hard for women to report these acts committed against them. The act of sexual violence is a traumatic event and the examination of the body can further increase the survivor’s feelings of being alone. In England and Wales, there is a considerable need for an effective policy to ensure alternative prevention methods for the safety of the violated bodies in the criminal justice system. The prevention of sexual violence against women will not only make it easier for the police to investigate, but women will not be going through a “second rape” with officers and professionals in the criminal justice system. Also by having reforms of criminal justice proceedings will be a necessary step in providing survivors with the reassurance that the authorities care about their…

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