Zombie Apocalypse Research Paper

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Zombies, the mythical creatures that are the reanimated corpses of our fallen humans. Though many people believe that zombies are just a creation of fiction, the undead has risen and it is our job to cure or treat the problem at hand. This plague is being caused by Amylase Deficiency Condition, or ADC for short, this is caused by a gene mutation that restricts the production of pancreatic amylase to break down glucose in the body. As it stands now, their are two main methods to combat the zombie epidemic, recombinant DNA or CRISPR. Recombinant DNA or rDNA for short, is the method of genetically recombining (such as molecular cloning) to bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found …show more content…
Compared to CRISPR, rDNA doesn 't have to try to cut into a persons genome with the possibility of it cutting the WRONG gene and damaging the persons genome forever, rDNA is created in a lab by cutting and glueing in the corrected genes into the desired plasmid to be later added to a bacterium to mass produce amylase to cure the zombie plaque. This process would be complete over the time span of a week in a laboratory. This would be done by using two restriction enzymes (Hind3 and Bam1) to cut out the rfp gene (gene that produces amylase) out of the pKAN plasmid and glue it into the pARA plasmid to later be placed in a bacterium to basically infect the bacteria with the pARA plasmid to later produce amylase. The pARA plasmid is used to protect the bacterium from forms of antibiotics that would kill the bacteria that produce the amylase. This process would proved all the amylase needed to treat ADC and save humanity. CRISPR on the other hand isn 't very safe due to being a new technique used by bioengineers. Sadly, CRISPR hasn 't even been tested in humans and in previous tests in labs has even cut out the wrong gene and later caused the death of the rodents being test on. This supports the fact the CRISPR isn 't safe enough to be used on the general public and rDNA should be used because it is extremely safe due to the fact that it is simply cutting out the …show more content…
The main reason rDNA is so reliable is that the plasmids just have to be added to a bacterium in a petre dish and it will slowly grow into a lovage colony that can produce an extremely large amount of amylase. This has been shown by the production of insulin for over 30 years that have treated millions of diabetic cross the globe. Diabetes and ADC suffer from the same problem, a gene mutation that affects the production of a specific protein. These diseases would basically use the same method to treat the problem at hand and that is by just giving the person suffering from the disease the protein they missing. Sadly, this treatment would be permanent due to the use of the amylase in everyday life. CRISPR on the other hand, would completely cure the disease by using the cas9 enzyme to cut out the gene that is causing the problem. In theory this process seems simple and more effective than rDNA, but because CRISPR hasn 't been tested on the human genome their is a high chance the technique won 't work properly. This is because of the lack of testing done on human test subjects. Because of this lack of testing on humans, CRISPR isn 't the most reliable due to high chance of failing and not curing ADC and just being a waste of time and resources. This is the main reason that CRISPR shouldn 't be used in treating the zombie plaque and rDNA should be used because of

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