Recognizing : Endorsing And Recognizing Courage Essay

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Endorsing and Recognizing Courage

Change and progress are not possible without courage. Someone needs courage in order to encounter the unknown. Acts of courage can be both big and small, but no amount of courage should ever go unrecognized. Throughout my life, I have both recognized and endorsed courage. I was able to see people stand up for their own value. Moreover, I myself was able to serve my country and fight for my fellow Americans. Everyone has courage; the hard part is ascertaining it.
Undoubtedly, times were changing at the end of the Second World War. Shortly after World War Two Korea had split into two. The United States government oversaw the north portion and the USSR controlled the southern portion. Since the war had ended, the tension between the USSR and the United States was rapidly increasing. The two countries came together to defeat Hitler and Nazi Germany. Despite the alliance, Russia had their own agenda when it came to the restoring other nations. Back home, Americans constantly worried that the Soviets would try to take over Korea for their own communist purposes. The media portrayed the USSR as power hungry ravagers, who craved to take over any greater power that they could get their hands on. Citizens were scared that communists hid throughout the states and would soon take over the American government. The HUAC (The House Un-American Activities Committee) investigated for secret spies and anyone who possibly could be involved in the support…

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