Reckless, Illegal Wall Street Essay

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Reckless, Illegal Wall Street When Sanders mentioned “Wall Street” in his announcement speech, he did so by describing the financial institution as engaging in “reckless and illegal activities” (Sanders, 2015). Establishing “reckless” and “illegal” as amplifiers of the general word “Wall Street” explicitly in his first speech enabled us to develop a term that is specific and reflective of his policy to reform Wall Street. Throughout the debates, the other words and phrases that Sanders consistently used to describe “Wall Street” was “greedy” and “banks too big to fail”. When he used both “reckless” and “illegal” in the same sentence, he was addressing wealth inequality or the specific instance of the “Wall Street Bail Out” in 2008 (Stout, 2008 ).

Pre-Sanders Prior to engaging with Sanders in the Democratic primaries, Clinton talks about Wall Street only in relation to the Republican Party, and mentions how they would remove any regulation so as to serve big banks’ interests – “they pledge to wipe out tough rules on Wall Street, rather than rein in the banks that are still too risky, courting future failures” (Frizell, 2015). The goal is to quickly set herself apart from her Republican opponents and to invite Democrats to mobilize behind Clinton, someone who wouldn’t wipe out tough rules but would instead instate them.

Primary Debates
A shift occurs starting from the first primary debate where Clinton adopts phrasing that Sanders has used in his…

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