Recidivism Is Not A New Occurrence Essay

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Recidivism is not a new occurrence, it has been an issue for as long as society has had crime. The idea has not been vocalized in the past but the fact is that society may not even realize the impact recidivism has on the everyday life of individuals within our society. “The concept of recidivism has produced a variety of definitions and special applications. However, the meaning that is most widely used defines recidivists as offenders who serve time in prisons, reenter society, and violate their parole or commit new crimes that return them to custody (Meehan).” The points that people must realize is that the growing number of individuals committing these crimes is not the type of violent crimes that hit the newsstand or evening news. The overall picture must be understood so society can help to deter crime from happening, not just the part that is involved with recidivism but the entire crime prevention strategies.
The rates of recidivism are not necessarily the main point that has to be focused on because stopping recidivism has to be within the crime prevention aspects. The causes of crimes have to be developed in a way so it can be understood as to why a particular crime might have occurred. The idea would be to look at the crime as a non- violent act or a violent act. The disparity between the two could possibly be a key to understanding why the crime actually occurred.
What non-violent crimes seem to have in common in general are the fact…

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