Recapitulation: Opening The Door

The recapitulation is begins at bar 156. Measure 156 to 170 is presents the same things from P in exposition. But at bar 168, the chord changed. The original one is G (V in c minor). But there, it goes to Ab, which is the V in Db. The bar 169 is the tonic in Db and the 170 goes to Bb, which is the V in Eb major. Than, measure 171 to 173 arise a new phrase in Eb major. At the end of the bar 173, it goes to the V of C major, because after that, it’s the transition part, which is start at I in C major. Measure 174 to 181 is same as the transition in exposition. From bar 182, the chord and key starts to change, but the basic structure is same as the one in exposition. The chord in bar 182 is VI in A minor. But in the exposition, it goes to the …show more content…
It back to the primary theme, but in Db major, which is a Neapolitan of the original C major. Bar 249 to 258 is uses the Primary theme. The key in this part is from Db major to Ab major to Bb minor and to C minor. Bar 258 has a Ger+6 chord, which leads to the V in C major in bar 259. Bar 260 has a transition chord G dim. (ex.)The C# will goes to D, and the Bb will goes to B in bar 261,and build the G chord.
From the measure 261, the Primary theme is developed for the left hand; the right hand played some new elements. This section is all in C major. Bar 261 to 264 as one phrase, and bar 265 to 268 is the sequence go down a step of the first phrase. From bar 269, the right hand use the motive 2 and 3, the left hand keeps the 16th notes accompaniment. The chord progression for these three bars is: ii-vii65 dim | vii43dim-vii7dim | iii6-viidim/ii |. From bar 272 to 276, there has an ascending scale that build the climax, which is A-B-C-D-E-F-G- G#-A. These ends at IV of C major in bar 276, and goes to V 6/4 in bar 278.The V 6/4 continue till bar 282. Bar 282 to 283 has a sustained V7, which makes a HC at bar 283.
Measure 284 to 294 back to the ST. This time, not like the one in exposition or in recapitulation, it starts and ends in C major. The PAC in C major (I) is at the first beat of bar 295. From bar 295, the PT happed again, but it’s very short, and builds the ending in C

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