Rebuttal For Global Warming

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Rebuttal to two arguments against GACC


The goal of this assignment is to identify unsubstantiated claims against the existence of global anthropogenic climate change (GACC) and to rebut these claims based on scientific sources. I shared a summary of two distinct arguments against GACC that I have read from different sources. I then formulated a rebuttal against these two claims I found.

Although the majority of scientists support the idea of anthropogenic climate change, some scientists argue that the global warming is primarily caused by natural processes. I found two distinct arguments claimed by these scientists.
• The Sun and Global Warming: Solar Variation
Some scientists and researchers suggests that the sun
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Significant climate changes have continually happened. For instance, about the year 1000, there was a significant increase of carbon dioxide in the medieval warm period (Happer, 2011). In this period, changes in temperature was followed by an increase in level of carbon dioxide (Happer, 2011).. This implies that changes in temperature is not caused by an increase of the level of carbon dioxide during the medieval warm period. Moreover, the slight increase in temperature has been observed since 1900 (Tesla, 2106). Some researcher consider that it is also a long-term natural climate cycle. Hence, some people argue that global warming is not caused by the rise of greenhouse gases from human’s activity because the recent increase in temperature is just a natural climate cycle. Meanwhile, the effect of cosmic rays on cloud formation is too weak to effect the Earth’s …show more content…
Because of deforestation, agricultural expansion and the burning of fossil fuels, people have released large amount of carbon dioxide since the Industrial Revolution (MacCracken, 2011). These human activities not only release carbon dioxide but also increase the concentrations of CH4, N2O, and SO2. Changes in concentrations of all these greenhouse gases are the primary explanation for recent climate changes. Moreover, scientific evidence shows that the largest contributor of carbon dioxide is burning of fossil fuels. Compared to other carbon sources, carbon from fossil fuels has very distinct chemical signature (UCS, 2017). Therefore, scientist can detect the amount of carbon dioxide from natural sources and from fossil fuel emissions. Roughly 58 percent of increase in 2012 carbon dioxide emissions is caused by burning fossil fuels and producing cement (Levin, 2013). Therefore, carbon dioxide emissions, which directly cause global warming, are primarily from fossil fuels and cement. It is true that the detection-attribution analyses of recent climate change indicate that various factors have influenced the temperature. However, these natural factors are too weak to cause the rapid increase in temperature (MacCracken, 2011). Hence, we could

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