Essay on Rebellion, By Nat Turner

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Rebellion can happen for many reasons. Some call for social reform, while others want change economically or politically. However, the root of any rebellion is change. This was no different in the slave uprising of Virginia in 1831, led by Nat Turner. Turner was born in 1800, during the peak of slavery in Southampton, Virginia. From a very young age he had hostile feelings towards the whole institution of slavery. He felt an overwhelming sense of injustice, and refused to accept that this was the way his life would be. After receiving what he believed visions from God, he knew it was time to act. He gained a group of supporters, and set into motion a passionate and bloody rebellion. Turner was not just seeking personal revenge by uprising, he was looking overthrow the current system of oppression. He believed that he and millions of others had endured the “brutal, demeaning system of slavery” for far too long, and it was finally time to face his oppressors.
The Nat Turner uprising is one of the most important slave rebellions in United States history, and is a still key event when discussing the tragedies of slavery. However, not all rebellions are as pronounced or dramatic as the Turner rebellion was. In 1734, there was a fire set in the merchant district of Montreal, destroying 46 building including a church, convent and hotel. The women ultimately tried, tortured and executed for the crime was a slave named Marie Joseph Angelique. The burning of one of New France’s…

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