Rebekah Nathan Essay

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27 February 2013
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A Student’s Intellectual View of Higher Education

Community and diversity are two of the most prominent factors colleges and universities use to attract students. At Temple University, it is easy to see that the school tries hard to implement these words into our heads whether it be succeeding or failing in reality. Temple makes it known in their mission statement, policies, and standing proof that they surely uphold the title as being one of the most diverse schools in the nation. However, after reading the chapter about Rebekah Nathan’s experience in My Freshman Year, I recognized her assessment among freshman is similar to that of my own granted it had not been completely
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I agree when she talks about this subject. It is difficult to create any type of connection when they were unaware of what it means to be a part of a community. After seeing the floor agreement and how the students don’t use the public lounges, Nathan was convinced the dorm fell short from any type of social activity that could even form a community. She especially noticed this during the Super Bowl when students chose to be with their personal groups of friends instead of watching it all together. Nathan called these small groups of friends ego-based networks. In the review, Tobolowsky also mentions that Nathan saw that since students don’t necessarily make the best of community in the dorms, students will form their own friendships outside of the classroom but more based on their similarities. Often at AnyU these bonds were established so early that the university’s effort to create a diverse community failed. In contrast, in The New York Times article, Schemo finds out from Small that because her university’s president praised her work the result of her book caused him to make some changes in housing and academic life at AnyU. Adding onto the issue of community was also diversity at AnyU. Nathan comes up with all these statistics from students who experience racism to a sample of student behavior in the dining hall. The most astonishing thing she said was that white students were more

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