Rebecca- Tell Tale Heart Comparative Essay

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Rebecca and the Tell Tale Heart Comparative Essay

Alfred Hitchcock successfully incorporates Gothic conventions within the film Rebecca, based on Daphne De Maurier’s novel written in 1938.Likewise, Edgar Allan Poe’s ability to incorporate Gothic themes within his short story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’, published in 1843, has been a success. Although both their abilities to create Gothic Compositions has been successful, their techniques used to incorporate Gothic conventions within them are both similar and different. Similarities arise when observing the Gothic theme of obsession in that both the texts obsession is explored to the point of madness. Alternatively, the techniques used to explore the Gothic theme of death and loss within
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In doing so, Edgar Allan Poe used the literary technique of hyperbole to point out the persona’s madness. While trying to justify his reason for despising the old man; he states “ He had the eye of a vulture- a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold.“

The theme of death and loss is portrayed within the film Rebecca, through Hitchcock’s use of darkening lighting and gradual close up shots in the scene of Ms. Danvers attempt to convince the easy option of suicide upon Mrs De Winter. In this scene Ms. Danvers exposes some of her deepest emotions through expressionless speech; conveying how much she wishes Rebecca was brought back life to task her ‘rightful place’ as Maxim’s wife. Just prior to Ms. Danvers endeavor to bring forth suicide upon Ms. De Winter, the light darkens and the camera closes in on the two characters to convey the importance of what is going to happen. While in attempt to provoke suicide she notifies Mrs. De Winter of Maxim’s apparent urge to bring back Rebecca through these words; “ Why don’t you go…. He doesn’t love you. He wants to be alone again with her”. Through these words it becomes evident that Maxim may not be the person that yearns for Rebecca’s presence but more likely Ms. Danvers; and thus Hitchcock explores the idea of Death and loss in a way that living

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