Rebecca Miller's Case Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Rebecca Nurse at the age of seventy-one was a weak, in poor health, and hard of hearing. The wife of a simple yeoman was known to be a God fearing woman and was loved in her community. It was a morning in March when she was taken from her bed and brought into court to stand trial for being a witch. Rebecca’s testimony to being too ill to even leave the house much less hurt anyone left everyone filled with compassion and doubt. There was wonder as to the possibility that maybe the girls were mistaken. Just as she was asked if she was innocent however, havoc broke out in the courtroom. The accusing girls were convulsing and screeching. This behavior could only be the act of demonism. During a brief calm they again tried to question Rebecca, who was having a hard time hearing. When Rebecca cried out “Oh Lord help me!” the girls started to mimic her. Then the Judge noticed that through all the commotion Rebecca had yet to shed a tear. It was her failure to cry at a time when most women would have that finally proved her to be guilty. Later, on July 19, …show more content…
The accounts she writes about are from actual documented records. Although only nineteen or twenty were put to death, one hundred seventy-five were accused and in jeopardy of losing their lives because of the accusations made by a handful of girls with nothing better to do. In reading this description it will become clear how easy it is for a society to become caught up in psychological madness that can destroy innocent lives “for the good of the people.” We have seen similar historical events where the masses fell into turmoil from the rantings of another; one recent example would be the Holocaust. Witch hunts were not new. In fact they had been occurring for centuries around the globe. The Salem witch trials, however, seem to captivate so many because it happened here in our own backyard. (Starkey,

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